More speed, within your grasp

Clean Master is, literally, the master of cleaning: an app that leaves your Android sparkling so that its performance is as good as the day you bought it.



The most important thing about Clean Master is that it puts an end to snail-like behaviour from your mobile. As soon as you’ve used the app you’ll see a notable increase in the speed.


Clean Master gets rid of junk files and will help you keep your mobile in top condition. You’ll find that you have more space for saving the files that matter to you.

More stable

Does your mobile freeze up or switch itself off? Perhaps something’s not quite right. To deal with it, there’s nothing quite as good as letting Clean Master work its magic to repair everything that’s causing problems.


Junk files are always an additional risk to the security of your device. Cleaning everything with Clean Master reduces the possibility that malware will affect your Android.